Tenant Handbook

Building Rules And Regulations


  1. Sidewalks, doorways, vestibules, halls, stairways, and other similar areas shall not be used for the disposal of trash, be obstructed by tenants, or be used by tenants for any purpose other than entering and exiting the leased premises.
  2. Never prop open entry and/or exit doors of a suite.
  3. Plumbing fixtures shall be used only for the purposes for which they are designed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags or other unsuitable materials shall be disposed into them. Damage resulting to any such fixtures from misuse by a tenant shall be the liability of the tenant.
  4. Signs, advertisements, or notices visible in public corridors or from outside the building shall be subject to the property management’s prior written approval.
  5. Window coverings and lighting equipment shall be building standard or shall be subject to the property management’s prior written approval, exercising its sole discretion.
  6. The property management office shall have the authority to prescribe the weight of heavy furniture and equipment as well the manner in which they are positioned.
  7. Corridor doors, when not in use, shall remain closed.
  8. Tenant space that is visible from public areas must remain neat and clean.
  9. All freight elevator lobbies are to remain neat and clean. The disposal of trash or storage of materials in these areas is prohibited.
  10. No animals, fish tanks or aquariums shall be brought into the building.
  11. Tenant shall not tamper with or attempt to adjust temperature control thermostats. The engineering staff shall adjust thermostats as required to maintain the standard temperature.
  12. Tenant will comply with all security procedures at all times.
  13. Tenants are requested to lock all office doors leading to corridors and to turn off all lights at the close of their working day.
  14. No flammable or explosive fluids or materials, to include paint, shall be kept or used within the building except in areas approved by the property management office, and tenant shall comply with all applicable building and fire codes relating thereto.
  15. Neither tenant nor any other occupant shall use (including during occupancy, re-modeling or construction) any obnoxious gases or items which produce gases that would be hazardous, offensive or objectionable to any other tenants.
  16. In accordance with the Smokefree Indoor Air Act (City Code Title 8 Chapter 715), smoking is prohibited inside ALL areas of Huntington Center. Smoking is not permitted on the loading dock or Levels 1 through 5 of the attached parking garage. The designated smoking area is located at the north end of Level 6 of the attached parking garage. Violations of the Smokefree Indoor Air Act can be reported to the Columbus Health Department at 614-724-4247.
  17. The building shall not be punctured, penetrated or otherwise adversely affected by wall hangings, other improvements, or property located in, on or about the leased premises.
  18. All contractors are required to sign in at the loading dock, and be prepared to indicate who they will be working for, describe the scope of services to be performed, provide an estimate of the amount of time required to perform the services, and deposit picture identification in exchange for an authorized contractor identification badge prior to commencing their work. Any contractor found without an identification badge will be escorted to the courtesy desk to complete the sign-in process. No contractor will be allowed to check out keys from the courtesy desk without presenting an authorized contractor identification badge. Prior to leaving, all contractors shall be required to sign out at the courtesy desk, indicate the status of their work, and return the authorized contractor identification badge in exchange for their identification. The property management office reserves the right to deny access to any contractor who does not comply with this rule.
  19. All tenant modifications resulting from remodeling in or to the leased premises must conform to the City of Columbus building and fire codes. Tenant shall obtain approval from the property management office of any such modifications and shall deliver "as built" plans to the property management office upon completion, except as otherwise permitted in their lease.