Tenant Handbook


Illegally parked vehicles shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Columbus Police Department. Under no circumstances shall the property management office be responsible for improperly parked vehicles or space availability.

All deliveries must be made via the freight elevators. Two freight elevators serve the building Monday through Friday during normal building hours and by reservations on weekends and outside of normal building hours.

No deliveries shall be made through the main lobby doors, hallways, or passenger elevators.

During business hours, the freight elevators operate with access cards and are available on first come, first serve basis. For use after normal building hours, (supervised by the courtesy staff) freight reservations must be made by submitting a request in writing to the courtesy desk or by contacting the loading dock at 461-5881. The need for such reservations is determined by the size of a delivery or materials and the number of personnel. Please contact the property management office at 461-5881 for additional information.